We are three years into our adventure and could not be happier with our choice. We have been blessed by friends who have supported us. We have made new friends who cheer us. This is fun. (until the cows get out!)

We are raising certified grassfed steers for beef. In summer our cows and calves are on pasture. In winter they have access to the barn, a composting bedded pack, good quality hay and a salt lick. We love our animals and they are cared for the best we know how. Very high quality grass pasture and grass hay or baleage gives the best quality meat. Cows are made for grass! Plato Dale Farm’s Grassfed meats are lean, tender, juicy and FLAVORFUL!! There is nothing like our certified Grassfed Jersey Beef!!

We raise several batches of pasture raised chickens in the summer. These are processed locally at an inspected facility and are frozen immediately to give you the best quality. We feed certified organic grains. None of our chickens are fed antibiotics, arsenic or steroids. After three to four weeks in a brooder they are moved to our chicken pasture where they have access to fresh ground daily while in our chicken tractors.

We are also raising organically managed vegetables and fruits. Our garden has raised beds and walkways between the beds. We have strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and other fruits. The raised beds have varied plantings of veggies. These plantings come and go throughout the growing season. Plans for covered beds are pushing us into the spring and fall for production. A greenhouse has been completed this year for winter production. We are having fun learning and experimenting.