“Start Little, Grow Big” has been a standard and a pattern for the great American dream. The well-known products of our company are our veggie burgers, veggie rolls, mango pudding and other veggie snacks. Our veggie burgers are a blend of American and South-East Asian appetites, and our products are greatly welcomed by health conscious people.


Coming from a traditional vegetarian background and an agricultural-based society in Sri Lanka, various vegetarian dishes were prepared with health consciousness and longevity in mind. As a result of these traditional cooking and eating habits most of the people in this society lived a long and healthy life. The medical conditions we face today are obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other major medical conditions which are adverse effects of our diets. A vegetarian diet would reduce the risk of most of the major illnesses.


The Go Veggies mission is to make our vegetarian products available to everyone.


Vegan Veggie Burger—Our vegan, gluten-free veggie burger selection includes spinach, mushroom, spicy mushroom, lentil and black bean burgers.

Veggie Rolls—Our fresh veggie rolls are made with potatoes, peas, wheat wrap, spices, salt, and vegetable oil.

Mango Pudding—Our mango pudding is made with mango, water, coconut milk, sugar, citric acid, and agar agar.

Veggie Catering—We cater social events, parties, dinners, family occasions, seminars and workshops in the Buffalo Niagara area.


In creating our Vegetarian Cafe, we hope to reduce the imprint we make on our environment while supporting our local economy by utilizing a variety of resources from small businesses found within our local community, as well as encouraging the reuse and recycling of our packaging and composting of our food waste. Our Cafe will also serve as a retail location and store front, where you may purchase our foods year round while enjoying a warm and inviting atmosphere. We will offer the same quality products that you have come to know and enjoy while constantly introducing new, seasonal and customizable menu items to fit our customer’s needs that can be purchased fresh or frozen. We hope to connect you with other local, healthy food vendor products such as gluten free baked goods, hot sauces and deserts. Visit our website for more information!