Dan Tower grew up near the shores of Lake Ontario on the farm he now owns in Youngstown, New York. During school breaks he would be found working on the farm along with his siblings. Dan is a fifth generation farmer, having bought and farmed over thirty years on the same lands his father farmed before him. Initially Dan pursued and received a degree in forestry with an eye towards becoming a Forest Ranger. A family crisis called him back to farming permanently. His focus has been on improving the lands and growing the finest fruits possible.

Dan Tower orchards are full of plums, cherries, apples (over 35 varieties), peaches, nectarines, apricots, and pears. Dan is also kept busy in his fields of strawberries, raspberries, English walnuts, vegetables & cut flowers. Iris, Dan’s wife helps oversee the cut flower program, starting the seeds in their greenhouse around early March when the weather is still cold and wet. The flowers are planted outdoors in the fields when frost threat is gone. Cutting bouquets and chilling them is done the very day before markets, keeping in mind the final destination… a long lasting bloom for buyers to enjoy!

Children and relatives of Dan and Iris can often be seen at different markets helping out with sales of his quality produce. Nothing is better than biting into the first fruit of the season, a plump juicy strawberry, bursting full of goodness! The crisp tang of your favorite apple or the joy of taking home a beautiful floral arrangement all harvested at its very freshest! No long days of travel commute are involved before our produce enters your home. Our Goal is to bring fresh, home grown, good tasting produce full of nutrition to you at a reasonable cost.

Dan has a great love for the outdoors and utilizes as much of Mother Nature’s help as possible in his growing endeavors. In the spring bee hives are placed throughout the orchards to help with pollination. Mowing helps in the constant battle over weed control. Praying Mantises and Ladybugs are gladly seen. Dan considers weather reports before plowing, planting, pruning, spraying for worms, pests and weeds. Dan also utilizes what he considers a “low spray” schedule to keep his produce flourishing at optimal levels without using higher applications of unnecessary chemicals.

If there is a natural or less harmful way to accomplish the same task Dan will veer toward the friendlier choice. Cornell Cooperative Extension and a field consultant help him with making these decisions. Planting winter ryes and similar crops is another source of natural nourishment in replenishing soil in open fields. Dan keeps in contact with Cornell Cooperative Extension to continue pursuing wise growing and harvesting practices throughout the seasons. In the winter, along with repairs, pruning and general upkeep, Dan also catches up on his reading and attends seminars to stay current with updates for growers in the WNY region.