We bake our products on Buffalo’s West Side at 123 Baynes St., a building just large enough for our manufacturing space – no cafe or storefront, but we do have a window where you can buy our products!

Our process is based around several tenets of the “artisan” style of bread baking, including wild yeast (sourdough) leavening, a steam injected oven and a long, refrigerated rise which allows the dough to ferment and develop its maximum flavor and nutritional potential. We shape our bread by hand, include organic flour, and are committed to sourcing our ingredients as locally as possible. Our bagels follow the same process, with the addition of a plunge into boiling water before we bake them.

Our bread is available at stores: currently Lexington Co-op, Guercio and Sons, and Farmers & Artisans. If you’d like to see our bread at a store near you, drop us a line at 716 980-LOAF – and also let them know they should be carrying our bread! We are at Elmwood-Bidwell farmers market each Saturday. And of course, you can pick up a weekly loaf (or 7 bagels or quart of granola) each week at our location with a Crust Belt subscription.