Ben Brook Farm has been operating for about 30 years on a 50-acre site located along the historic Erie Canal in North Amherst.

The business began with a small planting of raspberries, several bee hives, and a small garden of flowers for drying. Ben Brook Farm now grows annuals, herbs, perennials, grasses and woodies that are sold both fresh and dried for the cut flower trade. They operate a container nuersery in two heated greenhouses and five unheated houses, selling perennials, herbs, shrubs and trees in pots up to three gallons in size. Herbs, sprouts and micro-veggies are also grown for local restaurants. Plants and cut flowers are sold on the farm and at the Elmwood-Bidwell Farmers Market. Special orders for parties or weddings are welcome.

The Vilonen’s children, Alisia and Benjamin, are graduates in Landscape Architecture. They have always been, and remain, involved in farm and nursery activities. Ben Brook Farm is a second career for each of the Vilonens. Rick worked as a planner for the Town of Amherst and Erie County, and Karen taught elementary school, mostly kindergarten, in Buffalo for 30 years before concentrating on farming full time.