Lilly Belle Meads is a licensed New York State Farm Winery located in Lancaster, N.Y.  Lilly Belle Meads crafts fermented honey beverages in both a traditional wine style and a more contemporary beer style. Our technique focuses on using honey as the base for fermented beverages. Honey gets its flavor from the plants and flowers the honeybee visits and contributes a unique body and character to our meads and melomels. As beekeepers, owners Patricia and Joseph Marshall respect the elegance of the honeybee, seek to mitigate the honeybee crisis, and promote awareness and education in beekeeping. As mead makers, their craft meads focus on enhancing the unique flavors offered by honey and its source. As parents, they are committed to promoting and practicing environmentally safe farming and production.

Honoring the tradition of mead making married with the life of beekeeping translates into a product that offers enjoyment with the satisfaction of knowing the crafting of these meads involves not only a partnership of the owners, but also with Mother Nature herself.